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DR-C Alpine

​The color and heathered grain in the photo are just examples. It varies depending on the individual guitar.

OTS DR-C Alpine

List price including tax: ASK

Top: Alpine spruce

Full back: Indian rosewood

Neck: 1 piece mahogany with dovetail finish

Peg: Goto 501 gold

​Strings: Elixir Phosphor

This is an OTS LAB guitar, with top and back bracing applied in Japan by a Japanese luthier, and then completed as a guitar at the Ayers factory. It has the volume and depth of dread, but the deep cutaway and structurally generated overtones make it a versatile guitar that can be used for everything from solo guitar to accompaniment.

​The sound quality is exactly the same as a high-quality guitar made by hand. We are accepting orders. If you would like to try it out, please contact your local Shimamura Musical Instruments store or Kurosawa Musical Instruments store.


Please contact us by email at ​.

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